What We Do

The Pate House researches ways to help remove barriers to opportunity, advocate those solutions to policymakers and the public, and help innovative social enterprises, delivering results on the ground. The primary pathways to opportunity – strong families, quality schools, and stable employment – which historically gave people a chance to succeed, regardless of social and economic background, have experienced a rapid decline in recent decades. We study and understand the obstacles along these pathways to success and work to break through the barriers that keep people from thriving.

For many people, finding and keeping a job is a major challenge.  People can be burdened with numerous obstacles, both material and mental. The list of barriers can be long, i.e. a lack of transportation, a lack of career guidance, an ineffective resume, a prior conviction, family responsibilities, low self-esteem and drug addiction.

The Adult Learning/Resource Center provides computer classes, career training, job readiness workshops, resume preparation, life skills workshops, GED classes, credit repair, clearing criminal background; and access to other resources to help local residents improve their lives, gain employment and pursue higher education.

The Pate House connects with local employers for a way to reduce the negative impact of incarceration in the communities. The Pate House’s goal is for people to learn to overcome personal, physical, financial, and emotional barriers to getting a job. We hope they discover more effective ways to find work by exploring educational and training opportunities. In due course, this will help them make better decisions and develop a career plan.

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