Immigration Services

The Pate House offers support to those in the community that have problems with their documentation as it relates to having a legal status to be in the United States. There are many Immigrants that are good people in the United States that need help understanding our systems. We assist people with:

  • Language- English as a first language- assistance
  • Acquisition of Tax Payer ID or Social Security number
  • Tax Reporting (back and or current taxes)
  • Housing
  • Legal Problems
  • Driver’s License assistance

The Pate House believe that People are People and that Immigrants should be able to come out of the shadows and become part of a positive and productive society. America is a nation of immigrants. Immigrating legally and being documented in a win-win for everyone. The Pate House supports people that want to be here legally, that provide a service to our country, are able to hold a job, pay their taxes and clear up any fines or misunderstandings that may have occurred.

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