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My name is Angelina Zwakenberg and I’m going in to be a full-time college student at Middle Tennesse State University. I work 25 hours a week at the Starbucks on campus and have, from last semester, one A and two B’s. I study Japanese because in the future I want to live over in Japan and teach English. MTSU was the perfect opportunity for that because of their JET program. The program will automatically allow students who qualify in their senior year to teach in Japan and make new contacts. This is a golden opportunity for me to get started toward my career path that I don’t want to miss. I also want to move into the dorms because, as much as I adore my family, studying or focusing becomes difficult in a household of 8 people.  

I had moved a lot during my childhood, never staying anywhere more than 3 years. It made it difficult for me in both social aspects and my education but I had still managed to make a 3.6 GPA. I graduated early after the last time I moved because I had all my credits to graduate. I wanted to start college during that time but because I was out-of-state the tuition was too much for me. I used that gap year to work and earn money for next year. The next semester, my parents convinced me to come back because, as their dependent, I was in-state in Tennessee. Everything was scrambled together late, so in result, I had only managed to get into 3 of the classes I had wanted. During my last semester, I made a lot of friends and created bonds with people that I haven’t had for a long time. I love education and I love the place I’m in now. Being in this college has offered me not only a future to strive for, but a present to live in. 

To date, I have received donations totaling over $3,000 from the Parker family, Reilheld family, and Nadel family…and I’m so appreciative of this!!

Please help me raise $3,978 for the 2022 summer semester and $3,978 for the 2022 fall semester.

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